Kittens Available!

Specializing in high quality full blooded Bengals, Brock’s Bengal Kittens can meet all your Bengal needs. We have raised over 17 litters of beautiful, healthy kittens that have grown up to be loving and playful companions. Our kittens will stay with us until they are 8 weeks old. During that time, they are properly fed, cared for, wormed and have socialized with other cats and people to ensure a friendly and tame temperament for their new home. Please see the information and picture below to see our current litters available.

  • As of now, we have sold all kittens that were available. If you would like pictures of future litters when they are available, please leave us a note below and we will be sure to contact you when the little guys arrive!
  • Each kitten is priced a non-negiotaible price of $700
  • Our kittens will only be sold to safe, secure and loving households. We reserve the right to decline a sale for any reason.
  •  Should you have any questions, feel free to fill out the contact form below or email us.

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IMG_1846 IMG_1859 IMG_1890Image

No collar IMG_1807 IMG_1795

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